well.. do you believe it?

MY WISP IS OFF THE NEEDLES!!! Is it as long as I had planned? No (though blocking may change that) Pretty? Most definitely! Did I like the pattern? Yes.. but I’m not going to lie.. I definitely got bored with this project – this should be apparent by the fact that it took me just under 6 months to complete it. heh. Pictures and more coming soon!

Slip Stitch Crochet?

How have I never seen this before??  Why are there so few patterns written with these techniques?  Or have I just missed those too??



Done Done Done!!!  Wheeeeee




What do you do when you are waiting for yarn to arrive to finish your razor cami, are tired of working on your wisp, and really feel like knitting?  Why start a new project of course!  I was swooning over rhi’s ishbel yesterday when we went for sushi and decided I wanted to try making a scarf sized shawl.  I also really wanted to try doing a pattern from a chart.

Enter Adamas.  I’ve switched it up to a fingering weight yarn instead of lace and changed the needle size to 4.0mm

Here’s what it looks like at the end of chart 1 (reading the chart has been a lot easier then I expected.  Minus one row where I had some issues.. got it figured out though!)



Almost there!  a couple more inches and it’ll be time for the divide!  Maybe I’ll be able to get it done this weekend?? (and maybe that’s wishful thinking)😉


The colour is off due to bad lighting (gloomy day here today)  but still!!  Hopefully I won’t have any problems with the top part.  I also hope that it fits.. I know i tried it but it still looks kinda tiny.. *sigh*  we’ll see.. I’m past the point of no return so if it doesn’t fit me I guess I’ll have to pass it along to my sis-in-law who is tinier then I!


I started my razor cami this weekend while knitting with Rhi. I  purchased some gorgeous bamboo yarn from the black lamb at the frolic the previous weekend with this project specifically in mind but wasn’t ready to trust myself enough! (also,  it wasn’t wound and I was anxious.. hehe!)  I had some risata yarn from knitpicks and so I decided to try it out.  I was a concerned as I finished the ribbing that it wasn’t going to fit but I put some stitches on waste yarn Sunday morning so I could try it on. I’m pretty confident it will be ok.  The Risata is really quite stretchy (which won’t help with gauging size for the bamboo but what can ya do?)

The ribbing seemed to take forever… the lace part on the other hand, while not “quick” (i am a slow knitter) seemed to go a lot faster!  Here’s where I got to by the end of Sunday…

razor cami

The lace part is really simple and probably doesn’t warrant the stitch markers but a)  I don’t trust my lace knitting abilities and b) I was knitting on Sunday at my parents and there were lots of distractions so I wanted to be safe!

I’m so excited to finish this!  It will be my first non sock clothing🙂 I’m a little worried that I’m going to run out of yarn so I might have to check in with knit picks and see if they have an extra ball in the same lot..


WIP Update!

Here’s what’s on the needles right now:

1.  Wisp – I’ve ravelry titled this “Last Chance for Lace” because I’ve tried a few lace patterns which have proved nothing less then frustrating.  I “really” want to love the lace knitting but I’m just not sure.. So this was it.  I’ve gotta say… So far, so good!  I’m LOVING it!  I’m taking it slow though and not trying to rush myself to finish (because then the mistakes will happen and I am apparently not good at ripping back with such little yarn)  Anyway, here’s what it looks like so far!


Not too shabby!  Can’t wait to finish it and see it blocked🙂

2.  Child’s Placket-Neck Pullover – I’m loving this so far, but we’ll see how I feel when I get up to the neck.  The colour is “key lime”  I’m making it for my cousin who is expecting in June.  I decided to go with the 6-12 mo.  Hopefully I’ll have enough yarn.

placket baby sweater

Fun eh?!?!

This morning I sat down and took a serious look at what I wanted to make next.  Rhi and I are headed to the Knitters Frolic in Toronto next weekend and I wanted to have some “focus” so I didn’t turn all “ohhhhh pretttyy yarn.. must.have” when I got there and end up with a stash of yarn with no ideas (though I suppose there are worse things lol)  Here’s what made the list:

Of course, one can always use some sock yarn and I’ve certainly got enough patterns faved that it won’t go to waste…..